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"Structural Engineering is the art of the Intelligent Modeling of Materials"

About Us

INCONA S.R.L was founded in 1991 by a group of 6 engineers, specialized in building structures, with great experience in the areas of the design, expertise, verification, research and execution of structures.

INCONA S.R.L is certified SR EN ISO 9001/2008, meeting all the requirements for implementing a quality management system in all processes of our company.

Our company design for Romanian and foreign clients: reinforced concrete, composite,steel, masonry structures

The company's associates are: Ing. Ion Neacșu and Ing. Mircea Neacșu - CV

  • technical experts, certified by MTCT
  • design verifiers, certified by MTCT
  • structure engineers – seniors, certifiedAICPS

The company is collaborating with specialist, architects, engineers, professors, IT specialists in the domain of civil engineering. The company has 9 employees, 7 engineers and 2 administrates.

INCONA S.R.L developed and diversified its activity. The Commerce Chamber included several years, the company in the “Top of specialized Companies” in 2008.